Life gets slippery.

Our grip socks help you find your footing
whether you're working out, working from home, or working through tough stuff.



Your Brand + Our Socks = The Perfect Pair

Socks that fit just right using your logo or artwork. Contact us to learn more.

  • Extra grippy grips

    Whether for doing downward dog, HIIT, barre, or physical therapy, our high quality, extra "sticky" grip socks make it safe and easy to maximize every movement.

  • A hug for your feet

    Cute and cozy with a snug fit, designed to stretch to your tootsies. Our grips are the perfect complement to your loungewear or work from home/couch uniform.

  • Full coverage designs

    Spend less time worrying about your toddler running on your wood floors. Our full coverage grips provide ample traction across the entire sole of your foot to help prevent accidents.

  • Exciting retail

    Drive sales with unique + irresistible apparel that complements your products + services

  • Corporate gifts

    Impress prospects + build relationships with partners

  • Fundraising incentive

    Raise money + reward donors for reaching fundraising goals

  • Tradeshow swag

    Draw crowds to your tradeshow or conference booth

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  • Buzzworthy merch

    Turn fans into your best ambassadors, promoting your brand every time they take off their shoes

  • Customer appreciation gifts

    Express gratitude for customer loyalty and referrals

  • Employee perks

    Reward employee performance with fun perks; Include as part of an onboarding package

  • Swag bag

    Make your swag stand out. Impress VIPs and event attendees by giving them something they'll want to use again and again

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