• Throw your other grip socks in the trash.

    These are the best grips I've tried by far. After 9 washes, they look like new and work just as well!
    Michelle F., NYC
    Digital Marketing

  • "Helps me maintain stability & control"

    These grip socks are so comfy and stretch to fit my feet perfectly. Highly recommend for when you want to get the most out of your Pilates workout, with precise movements and without fear of slipping.

    Caroline A., NJ
    Pilates Student

  • "The best grip socks I have ever used!"

    The best grip socks I have ever used, and I've tried a lot as a barre instructor!!

    Joanna Stone, NYC
    Creator, Barre Vida

  • "I don’t usually wear socks while I practice yoga..."

    ...But for colder days, if you’re sweaty, or if there’s a reason why you’d need to wear socks, I’d recommend these during yoga...They are the stickiest!

    Niki Saccareccia, 
    Light Inside Yoga

    Watch GripCity socks in action during Niki's yoga practice. 
  • "Cute, comfy and the grip is better than others!"

    I’m a collector of cozy socks and very discerning. I love GripCity socks because a) they’re cute, b) they’re comfy and c) the grip is better than other grips - when it’s quiet at home, I like the ASMR sounds the socks make against the floor. 

    Karen Robinovitz, NYC
    Co-Founder, Sloomoo Institute

  • "I can now move with confidence and peace of mind"

    Our slippery wood floors had me concerned about safely going up and down steps. Thanks to GripCity socks, I move around with confidence, knowing I have the extra stability I need to stay safe and balanced while carrying my precious cargo.

    Nellie I.
    NYC mom

  • "The first pair of socks I grab from a pile of fresh laundry."

    They're incredibly comfortable and give me that extra security I subconsciously need when running around the house with a baby in my arms. Can't wait to buy some more!

    Daphne Hoppenot
    Founder & CEO, The Vendry

  • A "life saver" for at home workouts

    I loved GripCity socks the moment I saw them, but when I put them on I really appreciated them… I have been regularly doing pilates and barre workouts at home, so these socks are truly a life saver. So versatile and beneficial for my personal and professional needs!

    Leatal Cohen
    Owner, Pic and Petal

  • I never want to take them off!

    In the past, I've only worn grippy socks for barre class, but since getting GripCity socks, I've been wearing them all the time. They're so comfortable, I never want to take them off!

    Alli Echelman
    Founder, Calin

Kind words & endorsements

Ariel's willingness to share her personal journey models that it's OK not to be OK, gives permission for others to talk about their challenges, and normalizes asking for and accepting help and support.

Her passion and drive to help others through GripCity not only raises awareness but also emphasizes that recovery is real.

Matt Kudish, LMSW MPA
Executive Director
National Alliance on Mental Illness-NYC

I am writing to commend Ariel Davis for her company’s inspired and generous program initiative to donate grip socks to our psychiatric inpatients at NY-Presbyterian Hospital. GripCity donates their attractive, high quality grip socks to our psychiatric patients...She extended her empathy and compassion in a written message, sharing that patients are not alone—that recovery happens with treatment, and that one’s life will improve.

A turning point Ariel describes is when she had doubts, her doctor encouraged her to “borrow his optimism.” She now offers the same message of optimism to our patients. And their response has been full of appreciation and gratitude.
C.W.L. PH.D.,
OTR/L Occupational Therapist
NY-Presbyterian Hospital, Westchester

Research shows that "caring contacts" as simple as a letter or postcard from a mental health provider following a psychiatric hospital visit can be an effective intervention in preventing suicide.

Pairing messages of support with physical items that offer comfort, like cozy grip socks, have the potential to make outreach efforts even more impactful. A clear improvement on the standard hospital sock by a brand that cares about mental health—I wish GripCity Socks all the best.
Adam Chu, MPH
Project Director
Education Development Center