How to Choose the Best Pair of Grip Socks for Barre

When it comes to perfecting your pliés and relevés in a barre class, stability and comfort are super important; This is where grip socks come into play. These specialized socks, equipped with rubberized grips also known as "treads" on the sole, are an essential accessory for barre enthusiasts. Not only do they enhance performance by preventing slipping and sliding, but they also contribute to maintaining hygiene standards in studios where shoes are a no-go.

Ready to uncover the secrets to choosing the perfect pair of grip socks for barre? Here we go!

Barre instructor doing releve in studio wearing GripCity heart shaped grip socks

What are grip socks for barre?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let's review the basics: Grip socks for barre are essentially socks with rubberized grips on the sole. These grippy treads, crafted from materials like silicone or thin polyvinyl chloride (PVC), form patterns on the sole of the sock. 

Why wear grip socks for barre class:

Grip socks are a must-have for barre enthusiasts for a couple of practical reasons. First off, they're all about stability and performance. Grip socks keep you firmly planted on the studio floor, so you can concentrate on your moves instead of trying not to slide around. Ever try doing a chair pose with inferior grip socks? If you know, you know--Let's just say it ain't pretty.

But here's the less glamorous yet crucial part of wearing grips to class: hygiene. Many studios require grip socks to maintain cleanliness. In shoe-free environments, grip socks not only prevent slipping but also help keep the studio space clean and equipment odor-free. So, while they might not be the most exciting piece of workout gear, grip socks are key for an overall pleasant experience.

Valuable tips for choosing the perfect grip socks for barre 

Here's what to look for when selecting your next pair of grip socks:

Seriously grippy, full-coverage grip treads:
The non-slip, rubberized treads on the bottom of your grip socks are what set high quality grip socks apart from basic ones. The grips should be firm but not rigid and they should bend with your foot while still providing traction.

One way to test the quality of your grips is by pressing your fingernail into the grip to see if it leaves an imprint — on high quality and durable grips, the grip won't be affected. You should also try scratching at the grip tread to make sure it’s securely glued to the sock fabric and that the rubber stays intact. Finally, make sure the treads are the same height and are evenly distributed across the bottom of the foot. When you're wearing a good pair of grips, you should hardly be able to feel that you're wearing anything out of the ordinary.

Performance quality fabric content:
When selecting your grip socks for barre, opt for breathable, performance quality materials and natural fibers like merino wool, nylon and lycra. 

Additionally, consider the thickness of the sock material — thicker, fluffier socks may provide more cloud-like cushion, which is fun to wear around the house, but they make it harder to find a secure footing on the studio floor. Like most situations in life, you'll want to strike a happy medium in your next pair of grip socks.

Lastly--you'll want your sock material to stand up to the wear and tear of your workouts. We’ve all had socks that fray at the toes or rip after a few wears.

GripCity socks are made to last. Made from performance fibers and breathable, natural merino wool, our socks not only keep you from slipping, their natural properties help keep your sock intact overtime. Whether you wear your grips to barre class exclusively or use them inside sneakers, GripCity Socks keep your feet dry and odor-free. 
Grip socks for barre are perfect for slippery surfaces to ensure your feet stay planted.

Fit + comfort:
When it comes to choosing the right socks for Pilates, finding the right fit, with adequate cushion and support, is crucial. Socks that are too thin may not provide enough comfort and support for your feet, while socks that are too thick may reduce your grip on the mat or reformer. Ones that are too loose will not prevent you from slipping and ones that are too small will slip off the back of your heel. Whoever thought workout socks could be so complicated?!

When looking for socks for barre, you'll want ones that hug the contours of your foot and provide a snug fit.  These also tend to be ones that offer compression, which has the added benefit of improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Choose a design that aligns with your comfort and style preferences. 

If you're a studio owner or fitness brand looking to
customize the perfect grip socks for your business, get in touch! 

GripCity socks is the only business that can turn logos and other creative assets into grippy designs! We also color match our grip treads, embroidery and packaging to your branding.

High quality grip socks are going to hold up in the wash. Yes, it helps when you turn your socks inside out before throwing them in the dryer, but realistically, we won't remember to do that every time. Look for reviews that tell you that the grip socks hold up well after multiple washes. 

Return policy:
Look for grip sock brands that offer a customer-friendly return policy, like GripCity's 30-day Peace of Mind Guarantee; If you're not happy with your socks, we'll refund you or send over a new pair.

Woman uses her grip socks for barre to perfect her routine.

The GripCity sock difference:

At GripCity, we offer socks that are designed to last. Crafted from performance fibers and breathable merino wool, our socks not only prevent slipping but also keep your feet dry and odor-free. They've been tested and approved by fitness instructors and hospital staff alike to withstand repeated washing and drying cycles.

Grip socks with a purpose: 
GripCity is deeply invested in the goal of preventing death by suicide and providing comfort and support to those grappling with mental health crises. In collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Center of New York (SPCNY) under the New York State Office of Mental Health, GripCity provides grip socks, messages of hope and valuable resources to inpatients at psychiatric hospitals. Visit our website to learn more about how GripCity gives back.


The right choice of apparel can elevate your entire workout, and the right pair of grip socks for barre is no exception. To make the most of every move, choose your next pair carefully and prioritize grip durability, comfort, material, fit & style. 

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